Baby Naming Rules

Recently, on my moms board, an expecting mother asked, “What are your rules for naming your baby?”  I cracked my knuckles and wrote a reply with a complexity worthy of legislative review.


I thought I was going to be the biggest rule maker, but then others started posting. The rules seemed to boil down to several categories:

1. Traditional – These were the people (like me) who wanted classic names spelled in a classic manner. In this category are Biblical names like Noah, Luke, Ruth, and Sarah. Also in this category are the Jacksons, Ethans, and Jonathans.

2. Literary – Picking names from their favorite characters and authors, this group was filled with Harpers and Alices. There was Atticus, Holden, and even and Orson. The moms spoke of treasured stories and names picked when they were children themselves.

3. Unique – I can’t pronounce or spell half of the names these mothers gave their children. The names came from a cultural or creative source. From Rory for a girl to Amara, Maui, Siobhan, and Drinna, the names are exotic and beautiful, making me envision free spirits

Another included being sure the initials didn’t spell anything awful, such as when my ex tried to insist we name our daughter Violet, which while a lovely name would give her the initials VD.

Although a few moms went a different direction, giving their children initials that spell additional names – CAT, being one little girl’s moniker. Some avoided alliteration, while other welcomed names that sound like Clark Kent and Lois Lane. There were many who avoided names in the Top 50 while others didn’t care how popular the names were.

I love the fact that my odd rules didn’t seem so odd or so strict after reading the answers to the original poster. I also loved that I felt normal for my rule obsession when it came to naming the kids.

Do you having any rules when it comes to naming your children?

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