Review: Gumigem Teething Jewelry (Exclusive Discount)

I have recently had the chance to test out and review a Gumigem necklace and bangle, which are essentially teethers in disguise as stylish jewellery!  The pieces I chose were the Miller Heart Pendant in Chilli Pepper and the Bubba Bangle in Ladybird.  These two co-ordinate perfectly with each other and I chose them because I love black and red, and I liked the hollow heart shape of the Miller Heart Pendant.  

When I first put the jewellery on, I was immediately impressed with how stylish it looked.  Not long after this my baby needed to feed and, instead of what she usually does which is fiddle with my clothes or hair, she actually grabbed the pendant and twiddled it in her fingers.  Because it has a hollow middle, she loved holding and fiddling with it while feeding, so, even though it’s not outright advertised as one, I can wholeheartedly recommend Gumigem as a great nursing necklace.


Shortly after feeding I gave my baby a cuddle; she couldn’t resist holding and playing with the pendant and, because it’s on a long cord there was no problem with her pulling on it (if you did have a baby that pulled hard the cord actually has a clever breakaway clasp so it would come undone).  As she does with pretty much everything she comes into contact with, she put the pendant into her mouth and started chewing it (see the picture below!).  Its shape and size are just perfect for little mouths to chomp away at, and she certainly seemed to be enjoying herself.  

I love the fact that, when I wear Gumigem, I won’t be out and about and not have a teether on me.  If I’m holding my baby, she can chew the pendant while I wear the necklace.  The bangle is great because, if she’s fussing in her buggy, I can just take it off and hand it to her to chew, knowing that it’s completely safe for her.  Again, it’s the perfect size and shape for little hands to easily hold and it can be safely cooled in the fridge (but not the freezer) if teething is particularly bad.  

I should mention that, although it’s hard to see from still pictures, Gumigem is soft and flexes when you press it, even though when looking at it you would expect it to be hard.  Pretty much everyone I’ve shown it to has been shocked by how soft it is!

I would say that overall Gumigem is a three in one product; it’s stylish jewellery for mum, a great teether for baby and also a nursing necklace.  It would make a thoughtful gift for anyone with a new baby and is a great way to treat yourself if you’ve got a baby yourself and have had to stop wearing jewellery.

You can buy Gumigem from their website and as a special treat for Momtastic readers, Jenny McLaughlan, the creator of Gumigem has given us an exclusive 10% discount code, just enter RR10 at the checkout.  The code is valid until December 31st 2012 and, even though the company is based in the UK, Gumigem ship worldwide so you can treat yourself to a gorgeous piece of teething jewellery wherever you are!


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