Product Review: Mamascarf By Mama Designs

I have a five month old who feeds pretty much hourly, so I breastfeed in public a lot.  In many situations I’m quite happy without a cover, just lifting my shirt, but there are some occasions when I feel less comfortable for one reason or another.  Mamascarf is a breastfeeding scarf which not only helps mums who want to breastfeed more discreetly but also wraps around your baby, helping to support her close to your body as she nurses.


As you can see from the photo below, Mamascarf comes in smart and compact packaging, making it an ideal gift for a friend with a new baby.  I was actually surprised by how compact the packaging is, but it’s because Mamascarf is made from such light, breathable cotton that it just doesn’t take up much room, making it easy to fit into a changing bag, handbag or even coat pocket.

Using the Mamascarf was much easier than I thought.  The first time I tried it, I watched the video on the website, which explains how to tie and use it.  Once it’s tied you can just leave the knot in place, making it even quicker for next time.  I noticed, once I had tied the Mamascarf on, that there is a pocket in the corner for storing your breast pad – ingenious!  My baby did not seem to feel restricted being in the scarf, and fed very happily, and I felt comfortable using it.  

I believe that anything that helps make breastfeeding more comfortable for both mum and baby is a good thing, and that’s why I really like the Mamascarf.  Being 100% cotton, it’s light and cool, but the material is strong enough to actually provide some support while it’s being used (note that while it helps take some of the weight during feeding, it should not be used to carry a baby).  For this reason  I would thoroughly recommend the Mamascarf to anyone who’s used to using a nursing pillow and is having trouble breastfeeding without one when out and about.  This additional support is actually what I feel sets it apart from other covers.  

The Mamascarf’s main benefit for me was reducing distraction.  My little one gets more alert by the day which means an awful lot of pulling and turning around to look at things if we nurse somewhere she isn’t used to being.  When I feed her using the Mamascarf she concentrates much more on the task in hand.

Mamascarf was created by Keira O’Mara, who breastfed both her children, and you can really tell when using it that it was invented by a breastfeeding mum, because she really has thought of everything.  Overall I would say the Mamascarf completely exceeded my expectations.  Not only is it a cover, it can be worn as a fashion accessory, be used to wipe up dribbles, help to keep the sun off your baby’s skin and even take the place of a nursing pillow when you’re out and about.

If you would like to try a Mamascarf for yourself, you can buy one at the Mama Designs website.  As a Momtastic reader, we’re also pleased to be able to offer you an exclusive 10% discount, available for a limited time only.  Just enter the discount code MOMTASTIC when you check out.  Mama Designs ships worldwide and this code will work on all orders.


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