The Many Uses Of Breast Milk

Not just a nutritious food for your little one, breast milk is a sterile liquid packed with antibodies giving it countless other uses, some of which you may not be aware of. 


We’ll take a look at some of them here!

Eye Infections

I remember the first time I inadvertently squirted my baby in the eye with my milk and worried about whether it could cause any ill effects.  Upon researching the topic I discovered breast milk can actually be used to help combat minor eye infections, such as conjunctivitis, with many mothers reporting a better result than with prescribed medications.  If adults have conjunctivitis, there is no reason they cannot use breast milk to treat it as well.


My baby recently started teething and I tried something I remembered reading about.  I froze expressed breast milk into ice cubes (I have a tray that makes heart shaped ice cubes for an extra cuteness factor!), wrapped one in a muslin cloth and held it for my little one to gum at.  It soothed her gums by cooling them down and she enjoyed the taste as it melted.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a teething baby.  For older babies who can hold them, you could even make ice lollies using your breast milk!

Minor Burns and Scratches

Just apply breast milk to the area and let it dry.  For a burn you could use a frozen breast milk ice cube as this will also cool the area down.  Because breast milk is antibacterial it should help prevent any infections and promote healing.

Insect Bites

Should anyone in the family have an insect bite or sting, breast milk is said to relieve the itching and help kick start the skin’s healing process.  Again, by using a breast milk ice cube, the cooling effect can bring additional relief to a bite or sting.

Sore Nipples

Instead of expensive creams, try expressing a little breast milk, rubbing it in and letting it dry.  Some mums, myself included, find this is all they need to soothe sore or cracked nipples. 

Nappy Rash

I haven’t encountered nappy rash yet but I am reliably informed that breast milk is an excellent treatment for it.  After application the nappy should be left off until the milk has dried.

Dry Skin

Breast milk is an incredible natural moisturiser.  If anyone in the family has dry skin, gently rub breast milk into the affected area to help the skin heal and hydrate.  If you have dry or chapped lips, breast milk is an ideal treatment as it keeps your lips soft and moisturised.


Breast milk is a wonderful gift that can help save the lives of other babies.  If you have extra milk you can donate it to help sick and premature babies.  Contact the UK Association for Milk Banking at if you are considering becoming a donor.