A Day At The Beach

On a sunny day the clear skies, lap of the ocean and sand play can be the perfect way to spend an afternoon. But, if you don’t plan accordingly, a day at the beach can quickly turn into a nightmare. Too much sun, not enough water, the discomfort of salt and sand, and a poorly packed beach bag could all mean disaster. So here’s how to plan a day at the beach that is all about beachy-keen fun.


The number-one thing that is overlooked when preparing for a day at the beach is packing enough drinks. You’ll want to bring plenty of water and juice to keep the kiddies hydrated all afternoon. If you run out it can be tricky to find a convenience store to re-stock, especially if you’ve ventured to the beach with the kids solo. So make sure you have adequate drinks. If the cooler is getting too heavy, assign each child their own reusable metal water bottle and fill it with plenty of ice and water.

Apply, play, repeat

A sunburn can become a painful reminder of a day at the beach, and babies as well as children are particularly susceptible to burning given their fair skin. So don’t just apply sunscreen at home – bring the bottle with you and reapply it regularly throughout the day. Despite the fact that sunscreens may claim to be water- and sweat-resistant, it’s better to air on the side of caution and take a few breaks to slather on some more sunblock (and while you’re at, make sure your kid has a good drink before getting back to building sand castles).

Snack time

A beach bag with ample snacks (and well-fed bellies) translates into happy children – pack a number of different kinds of snacks, such as fruits, whole grain crackers, raisins, and non-perishable sandwiches, to keep the whole gang satisfied. Things that won’t get sandy, such as bananas (which have their own convenient carrying cases) are best.

Clean up

After awhile some kids get sick and tired of being sandy, and this can lead to incessant whining. Avoid the sand trap and stock your beach bag with wet wipes, a clean change of clothes, and even body wash for a quick shower before heading home (most beaches have showers near the parking lot).

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