The Ultimate Staycation

While the traditional summer vacation may be out for some families, the ultimate staycation is in. With everything from gas to green beans standing still at high prices, more families are opting to stay put for their vacation and enjoy everything their homes and communities have to offer.


To have the ultimate staycation, you'll have to do a little bit of planning and research. Look around your local community and communities within driving distances for things that interest you. Chances are there's something you want to see or do that you just haven't had the time to. If you'll be hitting a museum, be sure to look to your local library for free or discounted passes.

To avoid the risk of having your staycation turn into a group of days like any other, strive to  plan an outing a day. Scheduling in a day trip or two can give everyone  something to really look forward to. Consider visiting an amusement park, water park, the beach or another venue you typically don't have the time to  enjoy.

Being a tourist in your own backyard can also provide for lots of fun.  Many of us live close to major cities that are tourist attractions, yet we've never experienced it like those who visit. Take the local city tour or ride the trolley through town. Get your camera ready and experience the city through the eyes of a tourist.

You may also want to consider a mini camping trip as part of your staycation. Whether you pitch a tent at your local state park or in your own backyard, camping can be a wonderful bonding experience for the entire family. Be sure to roast marshmallows, sing  camp fire songs and share great stories.

Wherever your staycation brings you, remember as with any vacation,  the goal is to set aside time to spend together as a family. The upside with a staycation is you get to save travel time and money in the process.

Has your family taken a staycation? What's are your best tips for staycations? Please share them in the comments below.