8 Simple & Beautiful DIY Baby Blankets

In four years as a mom, I’ve wrapped up two babies in countless blankets. And while we don’t necessarily have a particular favorite, the DIY baby blankets are by far the most special to our whole family. My daughters love hearing about the people who made some of their adorable blankets and I know these heirlooms will be enjoyed and passed down in the years to come. If you have a knack for sewing or crocheting, you’ve probably already cranked out a DIY baby blanket or two. But even if you aren’t the most naturally gifted in the crafting department, it turns out you too, can make an heirloom blanket for baby.

From quilts to minkies, swaddles to throws, these simple DIY baby blankets will have your newborn smiling all the time (ok, maybe not all of the time).

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