This Cozy Baby Clothing Will Make Cuddle Time Even More Amazing

I swear, I could have snuggled my babies 24/7 when they were newborns (who am I kidding, 7 years later I’m still cuckoo for cuddles!). It’s crucial to have that nourishing skin-to-skin contact with your newborn, and that’s why I love the Huggies Hug Plan, and their initiative to leave no baby unhugged. Immediate hug-time with your baby will help regulate her body temperature and breathing, help stabilize her heartbeat, and boost brain development — all while hugging your baby, which (let’s be honest) is something we’re already eager to do! But, even after you’ve reaped the benefits of that glorious skin-to-skin contact, you’re still going to want to get those cozy cuddles all day long, right? That’s where this awesome list of warm and cozy baby clothes comes in. I mean, your baby is already soft and cuddly, but wouldn’t it be even better to cuddle her in cashmere? Check out this list of cozy clothing and see what you might like to add to your baby’s wardrobe.



Knitted Puppy Cap

Stop it with this knitted puppy cap — it is TOO adorable! This soft hat doubles as a scarf to help protect baby’s head, neck, and shoulders from chilly winter weather.

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Angelic Skull Crewneck Sweater

I’m a sucker for a cute skull pattern, and I think I love the skull/halo combo even more! Not to mention, this crewneck sweater is made from 100 percent cashmere so you know it’ll be super soft and cuddly.

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Rainbow Romper

This colorful organic cotton romper with jersey trim will jazz up any dreary winter day.

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Hand Knitted Hooded Cardigan

This adorable double-breasted cable knit cardigan will keep your baby looking trendy, and feeling warm and toasty all day long.

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Hooded Sherpa Coverall

It doesn’t get more snuggly than this fully-lined bear suit. It’s perfect for a long, luxurious snuggle with your cutie pie.

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This adorable handmade wool poncho comes in a thick, crocheted pattern with chunky fringe. Perfect for the chic baby you love to cuddle.

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SleepSack Wearable Blanket

Seriously, I wish I had one of these. This micro-fleece sleep sack zips up so your baby is snug and warm inside, perfect for cuddling before bed.

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This Cozy Baby Clothing Will Make Cuddle Time Even More Amazing

Unicorn Hooded Robe

How could you not want to cuddle when your baby’s fresh out of the bath and dressed like a cozy little unicorn? Right?!

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This Cozy Baby Clothing Will Make Cuddle Time Even More Amazing

Quilted Fuzzy Baby Blanket

Quilted and fuzzy? Yeah, I’m sold. This reversible blanket is the softest thing that will ever touch your skin (well, besides your baby!).

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