These DIY No-Sew Tents & Canopies Make Perfect Forts For Kids

There is something about a small, cozy space that kids go crazy for, like a no-sew tent or DIY fort. See, I can offer up a large playroom with all kinds of toys and space to play in, and my kids will still choose to curl up in a cramped blanket fort for hours and hours. In fact, my youngest daughter slept in her sister’s bedroom closet for a year just because she liked to pretend she was camping!

If your kids are like mine, and they’re constantly asking you to drape blankets over chairs in the middle of the living room, maybe it’s time to make a little space they can play in for hours (or even curl up and nap in!). Here, I’ve rounded up some great DIY no-sew tents and canopies for the kiddos. Each idea here makes the perfect fort — without cluttering up the grown-up space in your home.


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