DIY Outdoor Ring Toss Game

This DIY Outdoor Ring Toss Game Is So Fun

I’ll take any excuse to get outside — especially if it’s to play something fun, like this DIY ring toss game. It’s easy to make with a few basics from the local craft store, and you can paint the various pieces with stripes and fun colors (just be sure to use at least two contrasting colors to identify the different teams). You can purchase rings in various sizes according to level of difficulty. The larger the ring, the easier it is to play.

Ready for some outdoor fun? Here’s how to make this DIY ring toss game.


DIY Outdoor Ring Toss Game DIY Outdoor Ring Toss Game


  • ½ inch round wooden dowels (4)
  • Wooden rings (8-10)
  • Masking tape
  • Various colored acrylic paints
  • Paint brushes


Step 1: Wrap tape in various sizes around each dowel, leaving random spaces in between. Paint the sections in between the tape with various colors; no need to follow a pattern. Let dry and carefully remove the tape.

Step 2: Repeat taping and painting with the rings, using only one color per ring to identify teams. Any other colors are just for fun! Allow the paint to dry and remove the tape.

DIY Outdoor Ring Toss Game

How to Play:

You need at least two people, who can play one-on-one, or you can divide into two different teams (if you’re playing with a group). Once your teams are assembled, use a hammer to lightly tap the dowels into a grassy area, placing them so that some are slightly farther apart. Stand about one foot away from the closest dowel (adjust for children) and throw the rings onto the dowels. The closer dowels are worth fewer points than the ones farther away. The player (or team) with the highest number of points wins. Think of it like playing horseshoes with rings. When finished, simply pull out the dowels and store with the rings until you’re ready to play again.

DIY Outdoor Ring Toss Game

Have fun!


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