The Easiest-Ever DIY Lego Organizer (Your Feet Will Thank Us)

We’ve needed a Lego organizer for a while now. Yes, Legos are awesome, but they’re also the primary culprit for my clutter-related insanity and bruised feet. I find Lego pieces on the floor every day. In the spirit of getting organized, I decided to come up with an easy system to get our Legos together (and off the floor!) by color. Yay for the simple joy of color-coding. It’s a mom’s dream for all those tiny pieces to have a home, and an even bigger dream when it looks pretty.

If you want to organize your Legos by project, you can replicate this color-coded system with mini Mason jars. Cluster them in groupings, or arrange them on different shelves. Add labels to decipher your different projects.

Oh, and an added bonus: You can enlist the kids’ help. Sorting the pieces by color is a good matching game for preschoolers.


  • Hot glue gun and hot glue, or super glue
  • Mason jars and lids, quart size (5 to 10 jars)
  • Lego pieces


mason jars

Step 1: Gather materials.



Step 2: Separate all the Lego pieces Into piles by color. My 4-year-old son and I did this for two hours one day. It was a great activity for him, and I loved that he was easily entertained for so long!




Step 3: Place all the Lego pieces inside the jars according to color. I wasn’t aware there were so many variations of every color, so for the sake of space and money, we categorized the color families together in one jar. For example, all four shades of green are in one jar.




Step 4: Hot glue, or super glue, one Lego on top of the mason jar lid for each color.



Step 5: Add the matching lid to the colors inside and that’s it, you’re done! Take a step back and enjoy your hard work and all the pretty colors.

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