These DIY Edible Birthday Candles Are a Smash Cake Must

birthday candles 1

I don’t want to gush, but I love birthday parties. I love the cake. I love the decor. And I love singing the birthday song. But I love the cake the most. Decorated or simple, it’s the highlight of the party. At almost every first birthday party we go to, the birthday boy or girl inevitably grabs for the candle and shoves it in their mouth shortly after blowing it out. So why not make it edible? By just adding a short wick, the candle is almost fully edible once it’s blown out. (Just make sure the wick is removed; you can easily snap the top of the “candle” off making the rest of it good to eat.

Get out the white chocolate—here’s how to make edible birthday candles.

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white chocolate paintbrush


  • white chocolate
  • chocolate mold in any shape (found at your local craft store)
  • candle wick
  • scissors
  • edible disco dust
  • rubbing alcohol or lemon juice
  • paintbrush


candle wick one mold

Step 1: Use a needle or a small screwdriver to poke a tiny hole in the top of each mold and thread the wick through.

white chocolate mold

Step 2: Melt the white chocolate and fill each mold.

white chocolate mold

Step 3: Freeze the chocolate for thirty minutes and then gently pop each chocolate out of the mold. The wick will come right out with the chocolate.

white chocolate birthday candles

Step 4: Trim the wicks down to about one inch from the top of the chocolate.

painting white chocolate blue

Step 5: Paint each candle in your desired color by dipping a paintbrush in rubbing alcohol or lemon juice and then dipping it in the disco dust. The alcohol will evaporate and leave the color behind.

blue paint birthday candle

paint white chocolate birthday candle

I think the stripes might be my favorite!

small white cake blue candle

one birthday candles

white small cake one candles

There you have it: edible candles in under an hour. You won’t have to worry if you see one of the kids munching on their birthday candles with these on the cake.

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