Pottery Barn Inspired DIY Resin Paperweights

I’ve been dying to make a project with resin lately, and when I saw some beautiful glass paperweights on the Pottery Barn website, I knew I could make my own version. Plus, with resin you can get the look of glass but encase anything you like in it. I used some slices of agate stone to make mine, but you could easily turn this into a fun project for the kids by using some toy dinosaurs instead. Follow along to make your own DIY resin paperweights. 





Step 1: Start by reading and following all of the instructions on your resin kit. These are strong chemicals and you want to be sure to use them properly. A resin kit will generally provide you with two bottles of liquid that you mix together to create a mixture that will harden over time. Start by measuring equal parts of each liquid into your cups. 


Step 2: Combine the two liquids by pouring simultaneously into a new cup.


Step 3: Stir together constantly for two minutes. 


Step 4: Pour that mixture into another container to fully mix the two liquids. Then stir for another minute. When the two liquids are completely mixed, you should see a clear mixture with no strands of color. 



Step 5: Pour a little bit of the resin into the mold and let set for fifteen minutes to create a base layer. 


Step 6: Place your agate stone (or whatever item you are encasing) into the mold and continue pouring resin until the object is covered. 


Step 7: Set aside and let the resin dry for a few days, and once it has hardened you can pop out your new paperweights!


Step 8: Resin can be sanded, so if you have any sharp edges, just sand them down so that they are smooth. Stack them up and make your desk organized and pretty!

diy-resin-agate-paperweights2  desk-supplies-with-resin-agate-paperweight4 

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