DIY Rainbow Ice Cubes

Who wouldn’t love to sip on a rainbow? I like making these easy rainbow ice cubes for my kids on St. Patrick’s Day, or I’ll use this DIY as an excuse to brighten a boring day. I’ve added these to a punch bowl at a birthday party, too—it makes a fun, colorful impact.

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ice tray food coloring

  • Ice tray
  • Food dye
  • Measuring cup


red food coloring water

Step 1: Fill your container with water and add 5–10 drops of food dye. You will have to mix dyes to achieve certain colors.

red food coloring water

Step 2: Stir to distribute the color evenly.

red ice cube tray

Step 3: Pour into ice trays. If you don’t want to use a whole tray of one color, just split the colors up. You can even do three colors per tray, making sure not to intermix.

red ice cubes pie tin

Step 4: Once frozen, drop the ice cubes into a container, and move on to the next color. Keep these cubes in the freezer until ready to use.

rainbow ice cubes

I can’t take the beautiful colors!

rainbow ice cubes glass

Step 5: Put the cubes into a transparent glass for best results and fill with your favorite clear liquid.

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