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Trash the Bag: How to Wrap Odd Shaped Gifts

Some gifts—whether large and skiwampus, a grouping of several smaller gifts, or just something you don’t feel like wrapping—beg to be tossed in a gift bag. You stuff in a handful of tissue paper, and call it good. But gift bags can be a little over done, a little bad for the environment, and let’s face it—not that fun to open. 

Here are gorgeous ideas for how to wrap odd shaped gifts. These ideas will not only get you thinking outside the bag, they may just fill your inner-environmentalist with a tiny sense of virtue.


wrap odd shaped gift ideas 

If you’ve been on Pinterest at all, you’ll know filling a Ball jar with cute little items has been all the rage for quite some time. And chances are, you have have one or two of the eco-friendly jars leftover from the last time someone gave you homemade jam. Fill your jar with the gift you’re giving, and tie a big red ribbon around it. And remember, Mason jar gifts don’t need to be limited to food. Take a look around the internet for new ideas. My favorites: a sewing kit in a jar, and a spa in a jar.



Let’s not forget about those. It may not be the 80’s anymore, but baskets are still a great way to package a gift. Think modern & sleek or vintage & meaningful, not country kitchen.


Wrapping gifts with fabric is probably one of the easiest ways to wrap just about anything. 

Follow Ashley Weeks Cart’s instructions for wrapping a small gift in a decorated kitchen flour sack. Not only is the towel lovely, but it can be used later in the kitchen.



If you’d like a more brightly colored approach, these Bobo Wraps are scarves made especially for wrapping gifts. 

What’s the most creative way you’ve seen someone wrap an odd-shaped gift?

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