DIY Zip Tie Lantern

DIY: Zip Tie Lantern

An awesome home decor DIY, this Zip Tie Lantern is totally unique and really beautiful. Best of all: it’s made from standard zip ties found in the electrical department of Home Depot! The zip ties create an exotic, cascading effect in this cool, rare lamp that’s fun to make and a great conversation piece. Add a rare piece of DIY artwork to your space today and read about my living room revamp here


  • Solar LED Rattan Basket Small found at The Home Depot or online here (SKU#: 569379 and sold for $14.97)
  • 8 inch zip ties (I used about 400 per lantern) found at The Home Depot
  • needlenose pliers (not pictured)

Zip Tie Lamp - 2


Step 1: You’ll notice the tip of the zip tie has a slight bend. Locate the bend.

Zip Tie Lamp - 3

Step 2: Place that bent downward tip underneath the first rung.

DIY Zip Tie Lantern

Step 3: Using the pliers, grab the tip and pull it through.

Zip Tie Lamp - 5

Step 3: Feed the tip through the notch in the zip tie.

Zip Tie Lamp - 6

Step 4: Pull the zip tie all the way through and tighten to the bamboo.

Zip Tie Lamp - 7

Step 5: Continue placing zip ties side by side.

Zip Tie Lamp - 8

Step 6: Place zip ties one by one until the rung is completed. This is what your lamp should look like with the bottom bamboo rung completed:

Zip Tie Lamp - 9

Step 7: Skip a row and start attaching the zip ties using the same method.

Zip Tie Lamp - 10

Step 8: Continue until the entire lantern is full of zip ties and you’ve finished your creative and unique lighting element.

Zip Tie Lamp - 11

Zip Tie Lamp - 12

*This post was sponsored by The Home Depot. 

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