Easter Peeps Wreath DIY

Easter Peeps Wreath Craft – DIY


  • 12 inch floral foam wreath
  • 1 bag pink paper shreds
  • 1 bag pastel purple paper shreds
  • 1 bag turquoise blue paper shreds
  • 2 pink Peeps bunnies
  • 2 purple Peeps bunnies
  • 2 blue Peeps bunnies
  • hot glue gun
  • 2 – 3 glue sticks
  • 8 inch by ¾ inch ribbon in purple, pink, or blue


Step 1: Turn on the hot glue gun and let it heat up until the glue begins to melt.

Note: Be very careful with the hot glue gun. This part of the project should be handled by an adult.

Step 2: Loop the ribbon under the foam wreath and tie the ends together. Use the hot glue gun to secure the ribbon in place at the top of the wreath.

Easter Peeps Wreath DIY - Step 2

Step 3: Apply hot glue to the wreath and press the pink paper shreds into the hot glue being very careful not to touch the hot glue. Repeat the process until you’ve covered about a third of the wreath with pink shreds.

Easter Peeps Wreath - Step 3

Step 4: Repeat the process with the purple and blue shreds so the whole wreath is covered on the front. One third of the wreath should be pink, one third blue, and one third purple. As you go turn the wreath over occasionally and fasten down the excess on the sides and bottom by adding more hot glue there and pressing the extra shreds into the glue.

Easter Peeps Wreath - Step 4 Easter Peeps Wreath - Step 5

Step 5: When you’re finished gluing on the shreds, trim off any excess paper shreds with a pair of scissors.

Easter Peeps Wreath DIY - Step 5

Step 6: Use the hot glue to stick 2 Peeps in each color section spaced evenly around the wreath. Glue 1 pink and 1 blue Peep to the purple shreds a couple inches apart. Glue 1 blue Peep and one 1 purple Peep to the pink shreds. Glue 1 purple Peep and 1 pink Peep to the blue shreds.

Easter Peeps Wreath DIY - Step 6

Step 7: Use the ribbon to hang your Peeps wreath on the front door to welcome your Easter guests.

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