DIY Heart Stamp Art

Heart Stamp Art Craft


  • ink pad
  • pencil
  • exacto knife
  • paper
  • frame (optional)

DIY Heart Stamp Art - Materials


Step 1: Use your exacto knife to carefully cut a heart shape into the top of the eraser on your pencil. This takes some practice, so you may need to try on a few pencils before you get the heart shape you want.

DIY Heart Stamp Art - Step 1

Step 2: Start stamping! To do this, press the heart-shaped eraser into the ink pad, but be sure not to press too hard because too much ink will run and smudge on the paper. Press the stamp onto your paper. Stamp in a straight up and down motion to avoid smearing and oddly shaped hearts. You can stamp on the paper randomly or create a larger shape with your stamps (I made a bigger heart composed of little heart stamps).

DIY Heart Stamp Art - Step 2

Step 3: Let your new piece of art dry completely. We don’t want it smearing, now do we?

DIY Heart Stamp Art - Step 3

Step 4 (optional): Grab your favorite frame and insert your new art work. You may need to trim the paper as needed to fit into the frame of your choice. Make sure you coordinate the frame and paper size before you start the whole process.

DIY Heart Stamp Art - Step 4

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day art work!

DIY Heart Stamp Art - Step 5

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