Easy, Easier And The Easiest Valentines To Make And Give

I have gathered a few truly easy projects that anyone can do. Most of the ideas use items you may already have on hand and will take less than 15 minutes to make.

The first group of project ideas are easy to do, the next group – even easier and the last group -the easiest ever.  If you are really strapped for time – the last idea in this post may just be the one for you. 

1. Glue paper hearts together leaving the top open. Punch two holes along the top on each side and thread ribbon through to make a hanger.  Once glue is dry put flowers or candy tied with tulle inside. BH&G

2. Pin rounds of felt to a heart shaped wreath form until it is covered.  Fold each round in half and then half again. Pin the folded edge to the form.  The Idea Room

3. Make a fun and festive countdown calendar using tins and scrapbook paper.  Makoodle

1. Stack a few paper doilies together and fold. Cut half a heart shape in the middle along the fold. Open  up and hang them with bakers twine. Primp

2. Cut heart shapes from scrapbook paper.  Curl the cutout hearts by scraping them between your thumb and a butter knife just as you would with curling ribbon before attaching them with glue to a cardboard wreath form  BH&G

3. Add red food coloring to your pancake batter.  Cut a heart shape out of paper and place on cneter of pancake.  Sprinkle with confectioners sugar. Remove paper heart. In My Own Style

4. Wrap a red coffee can with pink burlap for a festive vase. BH&G

1. Wrap glass jars with bakers twine, doilies, and scrapbook paper hearts.  Place a striped straw in and add a paper heart cut-out to the top.  Little Lucy Lu

2. Fill glass pedestal canisters with red, white, and pink gumballs or candy. House of Smiths

3. No time to make anything. Run to your local supermarket and buy some pretty roses.  Place them in a pretty vase and fill it with water. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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