Christmas Yarn Wreath DIY

DIY Holiday: Candy Cane Wreath


  • 1 skein white yarn
  • 1 skein red yarn
  • foam ring
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks(not pictured)
  • red felt (optional)
  • green felt (optional)

Christmas Candy DIY Wreath - Supplies


Step 1: Begin by wrapping the white yarn around the foam ring. Use the hot glue gun to secure the end of the white yarn to ring and start wrapping. Be sure to keep the yarn taught.

DIY Christmas Wreath - Step 1

Step 2: Wrap, wrap, and wrap some more! This process can be tedious, but it’s easiest if you keep your skein of yarn intact and organized; loop the entire skein through the ring, around and around. If you get a good system (and a good rhythm this can go quickly).

DIY Christmas Wreath - Step 2

Step 3: Once you get to the end of the white yarm, use the hot glue gun to secure the end.

DIY Christmas Wreath - Step 3

Step 4: Create your first red stripe. Secure the end of the red yarn with the hot glue gun to what will be the back of your wreath. Wrap the red yarn using the same method you used for the white yarn. Make this red strip about 2 inches in width. Secure the end of the red yarn with the hot glue gun to the back of the wreath. Make four equidistant 2 inch stripes.

DIY Christmas Wreath - Step 4

Step 5: In between the 2-inch red stripes, create two smaller red stripes. I wrapped the yarn around only three times to create the small stripes. Continue this process, so you have two thin red stripes between each thicker red stripe. Finish off each stripe with another dot of hot glue at the back of the wreath to secure the yarn.

DIY Christmas Wreath - Step 5

Step 6: Add some felt embellishments if you wish. I added a red rose made from loosely wrapping red felt in a spiral shape, and I green felt to make the leaves.

DIY Christmas Wreath - Step 6

Step 7: Hang on your entry door and give your guests a sweet greeting! This makes a great addition to the door of each bedroom in the house, too!

DIY Christmas Wreath - Step  7

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