DIY: Petal Kiss Hair Clip

Combat the cost by making your own!  These come together so quickly and are so budget friendly, you’ll make one in every color!


  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Button
  • Glue Gun
  • Alligator clip
  • 2.5” of 5/8” ribbon


Start by cutting out a random waved circle


Place the wavy circle on the felt as a guide and cut out a slightly bigger waved circle


Repeat until you have 4 wavy circles


Take one of the petals, fold it in half. 


Sew a straight stitch about a ½ inch long right into the middle of the petal to create a pucker


Repeat with the other three petals


Place a generous amount of hot glue on the largest petal


Glue down the next petal right on top and set until cool


Repeat with the rest of the petals and then glue down the button right in the middle


Cover your alligator clip.  1.  Here I have the alligator clip fully open so there is glue only on the top metal piece.  2.  Place the ribbon on the underside of the top piece and wrap it up and around to the top and press to seal with glue.  Wrap the ribbon around the head and under about a ½” to cover the clip


Place hot glue on the covered top of the clip and attach the petal kiss flower to the clip


I love the vintage look it has.  Make some today!

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