2 Ways to DIY Gorgeous Leather Earrings

Gold leather earrings in jewelry dish

Fall is on the way, and there’s nothing more fun than switching up your accessory game with the changing of the seasons! Now, I’m not just talking boots and scarves here (although I love boots and scarves as much as the next person). I’m talking about getting your DIY on and creating something entirely new. You just need a few materials to make not one but two sets of pretty leather earrings for fall — and you don’t even have to be a DIY genius to do it!

These two DIY leather earring shapes are totally contrasting but both totally lovely. Whether you’re a fall leaf type (I admit it, the leaf shape is inspired by one of our favorite lady bosses, Joanna Gaines!) or a tassel type, you can whip these up in just a few minutes and wear them all autumn long. They pair perfectly with a cozy scarf or a flannel shirt, and will take your ensemble up a notch, especially if you use that pretty gold leather. So let’s make some!

DIY Leather Earrings Two Ways:

Woman wearing DIY gold tassel earrings


  • leather or faux leather – whichever you prefer
  • fish hook earring backs
  • jump rings in the same metal shade as your earring backs
  • scissors
  • ballpoint pen
  • jewelry (or needle nose) pliers
  • leather punch
  • strong glue (I prefer E6000)

Materials for gold leather earrings


Step 1: Let’s start with the leaf earrings! On the back of a piece of leather (real or faux), draw a teardrop shape with your pen. Stack this on top of another piece of leather and cut around your drawn line, so that you cut out two of the exact same shape.

Gold leather cutouts with scissors

Step 2: Fold the leather in half at the round end of the teardrop shape. Punch through the leather while it’s still folded so that you have two holes close together, on either side of the center of the shape. Use the smallest setting on your leather punch!

Gold leather with leather punch

Step 3: Thread a jump ring through both of the holes and through the loop at the bottom of your fish hook earring back. Use the pliers to gently press the jump ring back into a circle shape, ensuring that there’s no gap where the leather could escape.

Gold leather leaf earring

Ta-da! Pretty leaf-shaped earrings in just a few minutes. Want to make another pair?

Step 4: Now let’s make some tassels. Start by attaching a jump ring to the loop at the bottom of another pair of fish hook earring backs. Then, cut two strips of leather about 1/8″ wide and insert them through the jump rings.

Fish hook earring backs with leather strips

Step 5: Place a small strip of glue along the leather, fold in half, and adhere to itself. Do this for both earrings.

Fish hook earring backs with gold leather strips

Step 6: Cut a strip of leather that’s 3″ x 1″. Cut fringe along one of the 3″ sides, leaving the top 1/4″ intact and uncut.

Gold leather fringe

Step 7: Cut this strip of fringe in half so that you have two pieces that are each about 1.5″ long. Place a line of glue along the uncut section on one piece of fringe. Set the tiny leather strip attached to your earring back at one end and roll the leather around itself until it becomes a tassel. Hold for a few moments while the glue sets. Repeat this for the other earring.

Glueing together a gold tassel earring

And there you go! Wear your new accessories out and prepare to act humble when people ask where you got them!

DIY gold tassel earrings DIY gold leaf earrings

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