Kids Can Make This Owl Mask With Stuff You Already Have (Like Cupcake Liners)

owl cupcake liner mask

My son Kai loves crafts. We’re always perusing Pinterest to find a new craft that we can make together. When looking for projects to make, I always steer him to things that we can make using things we already have at home. I mean, why buy extra things to make crafts if you don’t have to? That’s why I love this owl mask DIY project. It uses three things that you probably have lying around in your house: a paper plate, cupcake liners, and ribbon (or elastic, if you have some).


  • Cupcake liners (I used four colors, but you can use what you have.)
  • Paper plate
  • Ribbon or elastic
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • 1” craft punch (optional)
  • Glue
  • Hole punch


Step 1: Draw a mask shape on a paper plate with a pencil.

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paper plate mask outline pencil

Step 2: Cut out the mask shape with scissors.

cut out mask paper plate scissors

Step 3: Make the feathers for the mask by cutting a cupcake liner in fourths.

blue cupcake liner cut in fourths

Step 4: Since the craft punch can’t fit into the center of the cupcake liner, make the eyes by folding a cupcake liner in half.

yellow cupcake liner folded in half

Step 5: Then use the 1” craft punch to punch into half of the cupcake liner. Make four cupcake-liner owl eyes.

cupcake liners punched with holes

Step 6: Make a beak by cutting a yellow cupcake liner in fourths.

yellow cupcake liner eyes green scissors

Step 7: Cut off half of the top of the cupcake liner from two of the owl’s eyes.

cupcake liner eyes

Step 8: Glue the small cupcake-liner owl eyes into the larger owl eyes.

white mask with blue cupcake liner feathers

Step 9: Glue the liners that were cut into quarters onto the mask.

owl bask with beak

Step 10: Glue the yellow beak onto the mask.

bright colorful cupcake liners cut in strips

Step 11: Cut off half of the top of the cupcake liners for extra feathers for the top of the mask.

owl mask with cupcake liners

Step 12: Glue the cupcake-liner strips to the top of the mask.

owl cupcake liners paper plate craft

Step 13: Glue the eyes to the mask.

back of owl shaped mask hole punch

Step 14: Once the mask is dry, use a hole punch to punch a hole on either side of the back of the mask.

paper plate bird mask with elastic strap

Step 15: Tie a ribbon or a piece of elastic and tie to the two holes.

owl cupcake liner mask

Project complete!

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