DIY Patterned Kids’ Aprons

DIY Kid's Artist Apron

A good painter’s apron can be super helpful in keeping my kids’ clothes clean and free of any paint. So why not jazz up one of those basic painter’s aprons for your kiddo, so they can go crazy with the paints without ruining their clothes?

You can even get them involved in personalizing their own artist apron, so they’ll be all the more excited to put it on before any after school crafts get started. Want to make your own? Here’s how…

Materials needed for DIY artist apron for kids


  • fabric paint
  • dish sponge
  • scissors
  • kids aprons


Cut sponge for pattern artist apron

Step 1: Start by cutting a sponge into a 1-inch circle.

Trim excess from sponge

Step 2: Then trim the edges a little more, if needed, to smooth out any sharp edges.

Dab sponge in paint for apron

Step 3: Next, dab the sponge in paint and stamp onto apron.

Stamp onto apron

Step 4: Repeat this process until the apron is complete with an all-over pattern. 

Touch up with paint brush

Step 5: Use a paintbrush to touch up any irregular areas in the polka dots. Dry flat.

Stamping pattern onto painter's apron

Step 6: To create an X pattern, cut a sponge into a two-inch long rectangles. Stamp the first slash mark at an angle.

Stamping kid's apron

Step 7: Then reapply paint and add the second slash mark at the opposite angle, forming an X. Repeat this process until the pattern is complete. Dry flat.

DIY Kid's Artist Apron

DIY Kid's Artist Apron

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