4 Summer Activities All Your Children Will Enjoy

Come the second or third month of summer, keeping the kids entertained and engaged each day can be a challenge.


If you’re looking for something fun and creative to do with the kids, check out one of these activities that are perfectly suited for summer.

Water balloon fun. From games to getting wet, water balloons make for summer fun. If you have a hose nozzle that has multiple settings, filling water balloons is a cinch. You’ll find the balloons easily fit over the nozzle spout perfectly, making the process of filling them far less time consuming. Store filled and tied balloons in a laundry basket. Play water balloon toss, let the kids have a water balloon fight and see who can roll their water balloon the furthest on the ground, without it breaking. Be sure to supervise this activity carefully and pick up popped balloons, which can be a real choking hazard.

Making bubbles galore. Mix 1 part Joy Ultra liquid dish-washing detergent with 15 parts of water. While many detergents designed for hand-washing dishes may work, Joy tends to produce the best bubbles. Use a bubble wand, straws, spatulas or anything else with slats or holes you can blow through to make bubbles. You can even cut straws and string them together to make different shapes for a unique bubble wand. If you dip your hands into the bubble solution, you should be able to catch and carry your bubbles around.

Freeze paint. Pour non-toxic paint into ice cube trays. Place in the freezer, in about an hour, before the paint is completely frozen, insert a Popsicle stick. Let the paints freeze overnight. In the morning put them in the sun to defrost slightly so that the pops easily pop out of the tray and put out an easel or line a baking sheet with heavy duty paper or poster board. Let the kids paint as their paint pops melt. Alternatively, for younger children, make ice cubes using Kool-Aid and water. Add a Popsicle stick before they are completely frozen and follow the instructions above.

Selling lemonade. Help the kids make their own lemonade stand. The stand can be as simple as attaching a sign to a folding table or as complex as making a stand from wood or cardboard. Encourage the kids to paint it and decorate their stand and signs. Take them to the store to purchase their supplies. They’ll need lemonade mix to add to water, or they can make their own lemonade using water, sugar, lemon juice and lemons. They’ll also need a pitcher and cups. Help the kids determine their pricing model and be sure to supervise their sales at all times.

What activities do you and your children enjoy during the summer months? Have you tried any of these? Share your tips and stories below.