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How Emotionally Unavailable Parents Affect a Child

When emotionally unavailable parents fail to provide necessary emotional and physical support to their children, it significantly impacts their little one’s overall well-being and development. The consequences of emotionally unavailable parenting can lead to various issues in a kid’s life, leading to challenges in every area, personal and professional.

1. Leads to troubled relationships in the future

Usually, children mimic their parents, their actions, gestures, and words as they grow up. If emotionally unavailable parents raise them, chances are they will also remain detached from others’ emotions and show a lack of empathy. They might also fail to provide emotional support or be active listeners, leading to troubled relationships with parents, friends, and partners.

However, not every little one has to have a troubled adulthood after being raised by emotionally unavailable parents. Some might actively try to re-learn how to connect with others, but it requires the individual to work hard.

2. Low self-esteem

Emotionally unavailable parents sometimes fail to recognize their children’s strengths, accomplishments, and positive qualities. They often criticize the kid’s actions, leading to low self-esteem and confidence. Without positive reinforcement from parents, little ones will doubt their abilities and develop a negative self-image, which will harm them in the long run.

3. Risk of behavioral issues

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Kids raised by emotionally unavailable parents are at risk of developing behavioral issues. The lack of emotional support and guidance from parents during their childhood can lead to anger issues, lack of self-control, difficulty in communication, etc. They also have difficulty managing their impulses and are quite selfish overall. In turn, these traits can negatively impact their personal relationship as adults.

4. Negatively impacts mental health

Emotionally unavailable parents can have a significant impact on kids’ mental health. They are more likely to develop anxiety disorders, feelings of loneliness, attachment issues, low confidence, etc. That is unless the kids break the cycle and work on the problems to become a better version of themselves.

5. Gives rise to trust issues

Kids with emotionally unavailable parents are more likely to have trust issues. They won’t trust their friends, partners, and acquaintances due to their troubled relationship with their parents. Moreover, they have a fear of abandonment due to their emotionally detached parents.

6. Plummeting academic performance

emotionally unavailable parents
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Emotionally unavailable parents can significantly affect a child’s academic performance. They can have trouble concentrating in class, learning new things, staying motivated, etc., which eventually affects their grades and school performance. The emotional distress at home can make it difficult for kids to focus on school or other activities.

It is important to note that it’s not a given that every child with emotionally unavailable parents will turn out the same. Sometimes, with the help of grandparents and other family members, kids turn out to be well-behaved and emotionally adept.

There are also cases where little ones easily cope with their problems by acknowledging their emotions, understanding the triggers, and accepting that they need to change. With the help of counseling, therapy, support groups, online forums, etc., the child can break the cycle and become a happy individual.

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