8 Things Parents Should Never Say or Do in Front of Kids

Your child is influenced by you and your actions. They copy your behavior. Hence, it is essential to keep a check on your actions in front of your kids to help preserve their emotional well-being as well as innocence. Below are a few things a parent should never say or do in front of their kids. Take a look. 

1. Yelling or Hitting Your Partner

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Be it verbal or physical, violence should never be practiced in any circumstance, especially in front of kids. It hampers their emotional and mental development as well as growth. It sends the wrong message to your child that violence is the only way to solve issues. Seeing you fight with your partner or family, can have a negative impact on them in the long run. 


2. Passing Negative Comments 

Do not pass negative comments on people or your family members in front of your kids. Even avoid using foul language or swearing in front of them. Watching you being rude to others will also make them disrespectful. They will become less considerate of people’s emotions and feelings. 

3. Losing Your Temperament 

Watching parents lose temper every now and then or making a rash decision due to their anger issues, will hamper your kid psychologically. Your child may become less outspoken, may remain cooped up, and may not share their feelings with you due to your anger. They may even develop anxiety and other social problems. 

4. Making Fun of Your Kid in Front of Others

Making fun of your kid in front of others will not only develop low self-esteem in them but will also make them less confident in the future. You will only hurt your child deeply with such an act. 

5. Drinking or Smoking 

Parents should avoid drinking and smoking in front of kids. Since kids love to try on new things as they grow up, chances are that they will secretly start this habit at a young age, just because they have seen you doing it.

6. Not Practicing What You Preach 

Every parent tries to inculcate good habits in their kids like helping around the house, basic manners, and so on. But every parent needs to practice what they teach their kids. Kids learn by looking at your actions, so if you don’t practice what you preach, your kids will not be keen on learning them. 

7. Being Glued to Gadgets

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If you think your kid is spending too much time on the gadgets, it’s more likely that they have picked up this habit from you. After watching you spend hours on laptop, mobile and tablets, just to kill time, they have made this their only activity. Remember, spending too much time on gadgets can hamper their mental as well as their physical growth. So, limit your gadget time to limit their screen time.

8. Comparing Your Kids With Other Kids

Always remember every child is different and so are their capabilities. So, do not ever compare your kids with other kids, irrespective of how they perform in their academics, sports, or other activities. Comparison can put unwanted stress on your child and can make them less self-confident in the future. 

If you want your child to grow as confident and happy individuals, avoid doing the above-mentioned things in front of your kids. As a parent, try your best to provide a healthy and positive environment for your kids for their overall well-being. 

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