5 Food Items You Should Never Give Your Kids For Breakfast

Breakfast is supposed to be the healthiest meal of the day. It should be full of essential nutrients needed to keep your kid energized for rest of the day. But in today’s hectic work schedule, parents often opt for an easy breakfast – something that can be prepared within minutes and can save time in the kitchen. But there are certain food items that you should avoid giving your child at breakfast as it does not fulfill their nutritional needs. Want to know what food items are we talking about? Below is the answer. 

1. Cereals 

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Yes, avoid giving cereals to kids. We understand that it is a hassle-free breakfast option that even kids can prepare but they are loaded with excessive sugar, colors, and artificial flavors. They might keep your child energized for a while but later they will feel sluggish throughout the day. However, if your child only prefer cereal for breakfast, then make sure to buy whole-grain cereal with no added sugar. And do add some nuts and seeds along with some honey for sweetness and health benefits. 


2. Pancakes and Waffles

Well, we hate to break it to you, but this food item is a strict no-no for breakfast. Despite being a comfort food, pancakes and waffle mix lack essential protein and fiber to fuel your toddler’s day. They are essentially made with refined white flour which is stripped of essential nutrients. So, pancakes and waffles might fill your kid’s tummy quickly, but it will not keep them fuller for longer. Instead, opt for whole-wheat, chickpea, or almond flour pancakes and waffle mix for a guilt-free breakfast.

3. Juices and Soft Drinks

Avoid giving packed juices or soft drinks to your kids for breakfast. They are loaded with preservatives, sugar, and artificial flavors, which is not be a healthy option for a growing kid. Even flavored milk, pre-made smoothies and sports drinks should be avoided in the morning. Instead, give whole fruits or freshly squeezed fruit juice to help your kids kick start their day with abundance energy. 

4. Breakfast Pastries and Muffins

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Those delicious and freshly baked donuts, muffins, pretzels, danishes, and cinnamon rolls should not be considered as a breakfast item. They might satisfy their taste buds but not their tummies. These pastries lack the apt amount of protein and fiber needed to boost your kid’s morning. They are mostly made with refined flour and are full of sugar as well as calories, which will eventually leave your child starving before lunch time. 

5. Breakfast Bars

This grab-and-go breakfast item is also not advisable for morning consumption. Although, most of the bars available in the market are made of cereal, oats, or granola, but majority of them are highly processed and contain higher sugar content. If at all your kids want to have these breakfast bars, get the ones that are made of less sugar, have whole food ingredients and have a minimum of 10 grams of protein per serving to keep your toddlers full for long. 

And always read the ingredients list on the back of the pack to understand what you are serving your child in the morning. Do let your kids enjoy these food on special occasions but for everyday breakfast, always look for healthier options for your kids. 

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