The View’s Ana Navarro Honors Recently Passed Mother On Instagram for Her 50th Birthday

Photo by Lorenzo Bevilaqua/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

Ana Navarro, a fan-favorite guest co-host of The View, honored her late mother this past Tuesday, on her 50th birthday. In an Instagram tribute, Navarro posted photos from her first birthday, her mother, and spoke of her mother’s legacy in the caption.


Recently, Navarro’s mother, Violeta, 81, died after a four-month battle with illness, reports PEOPLE. This 50th birthday was the first one she’d spent without her mom. Due to restrictions imposed by the Nicaraguan government, media has been denied entry, with many jailed, she stated in an Instagram post at the time. This kept her from being with her mom as she passed.

How Ana Navarro Honored Her Late Mother

In Navarro’s Instagram post, she opens up about the weight of this birthday without her mom. Her death had just been announced on December 15th, so the wounds are quite fresh.

“When I was a little girl in Nicaragua, she’d always make it special,” wrote Navarro, referring to previous birthdays. “It would start with the singing of ‘Las Mañanitas’ by mariachis outside my window. (It’s a Latin thing. If you know, you know.”

The grieving daughter goes on to state that no matter where she was or what the time difference might have been, “she would always be the first to call me.”

Reminiscing about how her mother would pass the phone to her dad, she included that for this birthday “my dad called me alone.” Unfortunately, he was unable to be with her due to receiving a positive Covid test. “What I would give to hear my mom’s voice again,” she said.

Navarro concluded her post with a reminder we could all use hearing, “make happy memories with those you love and don’t take even the little things for granted.”

Love was sent from The View on Twitter, for Navarro’s bitter-sweet 50th.

What would you do if, like Ana Navarro, you were unable to be with your mother at her time of passing? Are there any words of comfort you would offer someone in such a position? Let us know in the comments below.