My Sensitive Husband is Exactly The Type of Dad My Boys Need

My husband is one of the most sensitive men I’ve ever met. He’s not afraid to cry and will often tear up over commercials. When I was younger I never allowed myself to publicly express my emotions because I didn’t want to be viewed as weak or vulnerable. I love that my husband freely expresses his emotions and allows our boys to see him become emotional. He’s just the type of dad my four boys need to grow into strong, sensitive and loving men.

Toxic masculinity is a phrase we’ve heard a lot over the last few years. It’s the idea that a man is self-sufficient and tough. Suppressing emotions or masking distress are key markers of toxic masculinity. I am thankful that my husband is teaching our sons that expressing emotion is healthy. Storing feelings up and maintaining the appearance of being tough can lead to negative health and emotional outcomes. He also reminds my boys daily that admitting you don’t know how to do something and asking for help is the best way to learn. I never want my boys to be afraid to ask for help.

My husband is an ideal example of what a loving father looks like. My four boys will know that their father loves them because he tells them regularly and shows them with hugs, kisses and endless compassion. When they grow up and possibly become fathers themselves, they will follow his example and love their own kids in the same way.

Being sensitive also makes my husband a great listener. He empathizes and cares deeply for his family and friends. I’ve seen him drop everything he’s doing to help a friend in need. He listens when people talk, especially our boys. I know they feel seen and heard when they are talking to their father. His devout attention will also build excellent self esteem in these boys. Feeling seen and heard gives them confidence to speak up and share more of themselves.

He’s also a very involved father, he loves spending time with his kids. Whenever there is an opportunity for him to be involved in their daily activities, he’s there. By being open with his emotions he’s able to connect with his sons and form deep relationships with them. I know the depth of their relationships with their father will help mold them into wonderful men. We strive to make our home a safe place where our boys can express their emotions, ask hard questions and know they are deeply loved.

I’m very fortunate to have such a sensitive and loving man to call my husband and father of my children. I hope that when my boys grow up they are as sensitive and loving as their father.

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