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11 Hilarious Father’s Day Memes & Observations That Are Spot On

Father’s Day is this Sunday (June 16) which means it’s time to celebrate the man who makes dad jokes that make you laugh AND groan out loud. And what better gift to give him on Father’s Day than a good chuckle with one of our favorite Father’s Day memes and spot on observations. Well, actually, pick out a real present from our Father’s Day gift guide (or whip up a DIY Father’s Day gift or treat), and then share one of these funny memes and jokes with him.

Here are 11 Father’s Day memes that are almost as funny as he is. From Home Depot references to witty comments about daily life as a dad, he won’t be able to resist laughing along with you  So text, email, or post these Happy Father’s Day memes on social to share some humor with the world.


This adds up.

And this one is pretty accurate.

This is pure gold.


For real.


We feel seen.

Just don’t.

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Inspired by true events.

Let’s get ready to RUUUUMBLE.

So proud.

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