Mom’s Hilarious Color-Coded Sign Keeps Kids Out of Her Office

As many of us enter our fifth or sixth week of quarantine, we have been forced to set up shop in our homes to get some work done. And without access to school programs, babysitters, playdates or grandparents, working from home with kids has forced us to get somewhat creative in order to actually get some work done. And a very creative Kate Danielson wins the award for “best sign on office door”.

She’s a Chicago-based mom of four, ranging in age from 8 to 12 and the founder and executive director of higher-education-for-foster-kids nonprofit Foster Progress. So yea, she’s pretty busy. When the pandemic hit, Danielson converted one of the kid’s bedrooms into a dedicated office space with a door. Except the kids didn’t actually pay attention to the door and were in and out of her workspace at all times. So she addressed the issue with a genius color-coded chart as well as a hilarious FAQ (from the never ending ‘can I have a snack?’ to the endless ‘what’s for dinner?‘ inquiries) that she posted on the entrance to the office.


In fact, it was too good not to share on Facebook.

“The door sign was meant to be useful and also make my kids laugh,” the mother of four told CafeMom. “When you have a big family, and each kid has the same question multiple times per day, it gets old fast!” And the signs are definitely working.

“I hear them outside the door going, ‘You guys, mom is on the deep orange! Shut up!'” Danielson said. “And now if they ask me, ‘What’s for dinner?’ they say, ‘I know you don’t want me to ask this but …'”

Danielson added that “although my door signs were meant to be funny, they serve the real function of drawing boundaries.” She also had some advice to other moms who are struggling to find balance as they work from home.

Needless to say, it was a big hit on social media.

“FRIGGIN BRILLIANT,” wrote one person.

“If only my kids could read!” wrote another.

Now if only should can help us out how to get the kids into bed at night without a fight!

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