The Adorable New Furry Friends My Girls Are Obsessed With

If there’s one thing I enjoy about having girls – it’s the cute little toys we get to play with together. Recently, the girls got some new Scruff a Luvs to play with! They have been loving caring for their new little cute little furry friends ever since!

Each Scruff a Luv comes in its own box and each box is a mystery pet just waiting to be rescued by your little ones. It arrives in a scruffy ball of matted fur – so you can’t quite tell exactly which Scruff a Luv you have until you give it a wash! As the girls were giving them a wash, they could see which one they received and were so excited by how cute they are! Once they’ve had a nice little bath and have been carefully dried, you can brush them and do their hair with the bow. The girls were so caring for their new furry friends, making sure their fur was nicely brushed and little bow clip was in their fur. It was so sweet to see them in this nurturing role! After this, the girls had a lovely play with them. There is the possibility of rescuing a cat, dog or llama. My girls got a cat and a llama. So cute!

The other thing that my girls LOVE about every Scruff-A-Luv is that they come with their own collar and tag so you can name them, and an adoption certificate – which Chanel particularly enjoyed filling out! There is also a brush and hair clip for them to groom and style their new pet! Chanel named hers Scuffy and Harper named hers Luffy. Cute hey?! These Mystery Rescue Pets are available in two types of adorable plush. There’s Candy Floss fur or Tutti Frutti. We have one in each style and the girls love having their own individual pet to love and care for. It’s so cute how they tuck them into bed each night. Such responsible little pet owners! Its so nice to see!

You can take a look at the girls having some fun opening their Scruff a Luvs in this video here:

These Scruff a Luvs are so lovely because the girls get to nurture and care for them – and if I can combine play time and instil some learning about love and care into it – then that’s a big tick from me!

These are available now in all major toy retailers.

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