A New, Fun Toy That’s Helping My Girls With Imaginative Play

Spending so much time indoors at the moment and basically housebound has meant that my girls have pretty much exhausted alllllll of the things there are “to do” … we have played multiple games of hide and seek, we have gone through the craft boxes and allllllll the toys -like EVERY single toy and we also did a big clean up of broken toys too which is the best feeling ever.

While screen time seems to be an easy alternative, instead I always encourage the girls to try some imaginative play with their toys – there’s nothing sweeter than watching them play together with their dolls and get creative and have fun with their imagination. And if there’s ever a time for them to do that, really it’s now. Did you know roleplay is how children make sense of the world around them? It can help children to feel less anxious and to express their feelings and worries in a safe space.


That’s why I absolutely had to get our hands on the new Kindi Kids Range, specifically the uber bubbly Poppi Pearl & Bonni Bubbles. My girls have loved playing with these in addition to other Kindi Kids they have. I love that they encourage creative play. My kids love playing with bubbles and with these dolls, you can! They come with an adorable Bubble Wand so your kids can make bubbles with their doll and before you cross this off your list because of the bubble mess, don’t worry, they also have an Indoor Mess-Free Mode. By quickly pressing the shell, they will say, “Let’s Sing!” and start to sing their song and play music without blowing any bubbles. Got you covered on that front!

My kids love the beach, so the ocean and pearl themes on the cute outfits of these Kindi Kids as well as on the Feeding Bottle and Bubble Wand is perfect. Feed Poppi Pearl & Bonni Bubbles with their bottle, then press the shell on their bathing suit for one second. Poppi & Bonni will say, “It’s bubble time!’ and start singing her song and blowing beautiful ice cream scented bubbles from her mouth! They’re so much fun!

Kindi Kids embodies creativity, imagination & all things fun! This new range is a fave in our household and has a big tick from me. The toys encourage and allow the kids to have super fun creative playtime and they need it now more than ever.

Purchase the Kindi Kids range here.