Mom Has Beef with SIL For Getting Tattoos of Her Kids’ Names Without Permission

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We can all probably agree that tattoos are an expressive art form that is deeply personal in nature. Now that tattoos are no longer taboo or scandalous to bare in public, more and more people are displaying their ink without shame, especially moms. There are lots of fabulous ideas for how moms can show off their kids’ names in tattoo form but one mom recently took to Reddit to blow off some red-hot rage after her SIL tattooed her children’s names on her arm without the moms’ permission.

On one of the most entertaining categories of Reddit, Am I the A-hole, Reddit user @horcruxbuster posted an incredible story about how her SIL, a woman who has a very limited and lukewarm relationship with her children and who lives on the other side of the country from her, tattooed her kids’ names on her arm without her permission and then uploaded an image on social media. The post has racked up 1.8k comments from Reddit users.

In the posting, @horcruxbuster called out her SIL for being insensitive, saying, “She is going to expect us to all oooh and ahh about this tattoo. I have nothing nice to say. I feel violated.”

The post goes on to describe in detail how little interest the SIL has in her kids and highlighted how odd the act of tattooing her children’s really is, citing a strange social media post by the SIL regarding her children.

“On our last visit,” @horcruxbuster explained in her post, “she sent our kids to McDonald’s with her friend and didn’t join them. She later used a photo the friend had took of my sons eating, and posted it as if she HAD been there.”

After the post was published to Reddit, users took aim at both the SIL for being ridiculously insensitive to the mom by acting like she has ownership of the kids but also at the mom for overreacting by threatening to cancel plans for an upcoming trip to see the SIL and other family members.

Not knowing the full context of the relationship between the mom and the SIL and not really knowing much about the dynamics of this family as a whole, it is hard to say who the a-hole is in this specific instance. But as a tattooed mom myself, I would definitely agree that if anyone wants to get some ink of someone else’s kids’ names then the best course of action is to ask the parents first unless you are 100% sure that they are on board. Otherwise, it’s just creepy and weird.

The mom recently edited her Reddit post to let folks know that she did not cancel their family trip and that she has since cooled down.