Keep The Kids Entertained These Winter School Holidays By Growing Their Own Indoor Fairy Gardens

Let me ask – are you a mama who LOVES the school holidays? I actually am! I LOVE the change in routine, not rushing out the door, extra time with my girls… but I have to admit when the school holidays roll around, I am always asked that inevitable question, “Muuuum – I’m bored! What can I do.” It’s true – sometimes I run out of activities for them to do. So I am doing my research this time and having things ready for those moments – actually perhaps I might even avoid them altogether!


Enter this gem of a find My Fairy Garden. The great thing about this is its an activity that lasts more than five minutes! You can start it at the beginning of the holidays and then they can care for and watch it grow throughout the holidays and, if they’re anything like my kiddies, have a play with the different features. It provides them the opportunity to create, use their imaginations and nurture and care for their own garden.

There are a few different options when it comes to the Fairy Gardens so I’ve picked three that I love and think you will too!


Includes everything you need to make an enchanting garden that is sure to attract unicorns and fairies to your home. With a wishing well, a mouse, a mushroom and flowers galore, they will have lots to explore with their fairy!


Has two fairies included and an enchanted fairy mushroom home that doubles as a night-light…my girls love things that light up! This one I can see my girls having lots of fun with.


This one you can grow a field of grass around your fairy’s sweet little cottage and create a magical mini garden and has a cute doormouse living in a tiny flower house – this one is super cute!

Like I said, I love that these Fairy Garden’s aren’t just a quick five minute thing, but something that will keep your kids entertained throughout the holidays.

Now if you’re like me, and want to check them out and how to use them first – so you can be the expert Mum helper to your kiddies and enjoy this activity with them – you can check out this link here for some videos to watch about it all. Or, catch one here below.

These fairy gardens are available now at all good toy stores!