Women’s History Month: Meet Tanesha Ingram

March is National Women’s History Month, a month dedicated to celebrating the achievements and contributions women have made to society. For an entire thirty-one days, we highlight and salute women who are making strides and shattering norms. This Women’s History Month, we’re taking a look at some everyday moms who inspire us. They are truly powerful, motivated, and admirable women who have made their mark in various fields. Enter Tanesha Ingram, community organizer, activist, curator at the Just Write Community Project and principal couch at Consult With Tea, INC. Tanesha got an early start as a volunteer. By the age of 19, Tea was one of four youth co- founders of, Bronx PRYDE (Promoting, Revolutionary Youth Development & Empowerment), hosted at The Bronx Defenders.


How do you define motherhood?

Motherhood is an evolving journey that you do not necessarily have a map for. You constantly encounter forks in the road and detours. More times that not,I have had to pull over, regroup and prepare myself for what’s next. I have learned that I am the compass for this journey and have developed an esteemed trust in myself through all of the exciting adventures that I have been blessed to travel.

What superpower do you bring to motherhood?

This might sound weird BUT I was a mom before becoming a mother. I became an aunt at 2 years old and I started mentoring my peers at a very young age. My first youth project was at the age of 18 and had my daughter at 23 yrs old. I have always had a Mother Nature energy about me that allowed me to love those around me – especially youth and children. My super power is love. From loving teen moms living in shelters to boys on Rikers Island, I am fueled by love. An unwavering love that allows me to love my child and all children – deeply.

What makes you do a better job at mothering?

My Daughter. Her presence makes me think twice, do better and pause more. I am her role model and I have to make sure

she has something worth imitating. She holds me accountable, and even when this is not always comfortable, it’s real. Life is real. Life is different when you have a shadow that will mimic your every action.

What is your funniest mom story?

Whew, where do I start? Let’s just say that Imaya loves to explore. Exploring has led to many uncomfortable and great stories. She has cut her hair off, found adult objects around the house and even one year (at a very young age) she decided to reveal to her classmates that Santa was a fake! Yea – we have many funny moments.

What special project are you working on now (not mom related)?

On April 12 I will be at the Jamaica Colosseum Mall in NYC. I have partnered with a local bakery there and will be having a fun informative session called “Cupcakes & Coaching”. This is a sweet event that will inspire local entrepreneurs to go after their

goals and dreams!

Share a snippet of advice to other moms

Make time for you. You need you too. I know the world makes it seem like giving ALL of your energy away is the noble thing to do but it is not. Please remember to carve out time in your busy schedules to love yourself and appreciate your body. Go after your goals. Live the life you see for others. Remember you matter.

Please follow Tanesha on Instagram at @consultwithtea to learn more about the non-profit world in NYC!