Hilarious Memes That Show We Really Are Just Like Our Kids

My husband and I would have a good laugh each time we’d look at my stomach bulging with our first child. How on earth were we going to be adult enough to raise offspring? Wasn’t that a thing only mature, responsible people were supposed to sign up for? Sure, we were pretty good about paying bills on time and brushing our teeth before bed, but we still considered large bowls of ice cream a proper dinner and regularly made poop jokes. People assured us that once baby came, we’d slip into our roles of official grown-ups. We’d become more sensible and serious. Our tastes would refine.

Twelve years and two kids later, we’re still just big kids—only with a bit more gray hair. And I know from witnessing fellow parents that we aren’t the only ones who love our kids’ favorite movies, fight to get to be the first to press the elevator button, and snort-laugh at fart jokes. Being a parent doesn’t always mean becoming a broccoli-tolerant rule-follower. Sometimes it just lets us be the big kids we were meant to be. This round-up of funny memes shows not only that we aren’t alone, but that sometimes it’s pretty cool to be just like our kids.