15 Incredibly Honest Photos That Capture The Realities Of Parenting

It will come as no surprise to you that parenting is not easy. Scratch that — it can be hard as hell! I mean, yeah, there’s the good stuff, like I live for cuddling and story time, but yelling at my kids when they won’t get up off the subway floor? Or folding a thousand loads of laundry only to notice more dirty clothes under the bed? Not so much.

If you’re having one of those days — you know, like when your breast milk is leaking through your shirt, or you’re blushing at the idea of someone finding out what kind of non-nutritious crap you made your kids for dinner — you’ll take a bit of solace (or a lot) in knowing that every parent has been there. In fact, there are some brave souls who’ve even chosen to share their incredibly honest parenting photos on social media. And even though we might want people to think raising kids is sunshine and roses, it’s nice to know we can be honest about it when sh*t gets real.


Check out these photos of real parents — some famous, some not — and see if you can identify with their struggles!