9 Surprising Things You Had No Idea You Could Do on Disney Cruise Line

Yes, of course your neighborhood playground is simply a delight. All that fun mulch to toss around, and the climby structure thingy your kids pretend is a pirate ship, and the water fountain that usually doesn’t have too much debris in it to sip from – it’s a good time, man. A real hoot. But how about bringing your kids to a real ship to tour the world while eating loads of ice cream and experiencing things they can incorporate into the imaginary adventures they have back home?


Disney Cruise Line is so much more than just your usual round-trip cruise. It’s a globe-trotting adventure teeming with options to keep even the most moody teenager or wily tot entertained and grinning ear-to-ear. Here are just some of the things you might not have realized your family can do when they get on board with this vacation option (which will probably have you booking one, pronto).

1. Visit locations that don’t first come to mind when you think “family vacation,” like Norway, the Mediterranean, Iceland, Northern Europe, the Caribbean islands, the Canadian coastline – even Alaska! Those kinds of trips seem daunting when you’re in charge of all the little logistical details, but letting someone else figure it out so you can truly enjoy it? BOOM. You just won the vacation lottery, my friend.

2. Arrrrrrgh your entire family by transforming them into a band of troublemaking pirates and party like you mean it with Jack Sparrow on Pirate Night. (Or get glittered up as a pixie-dusted princess at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Whatever floats your boat.)

3. Turn your whole family into theater-lovers by seeing a new live production every single night, including Broadway-style shows throughout the week! (Bonus points for singing along until your teenagers snort-laugh in public.)

4. Drop the kids off at the Oceaneer’s Club to let the energetic pros entertain them for a few hours, then dash over to the adults-only pool for a nap before your massage. Ahhhh…”family time” is AWESOME.

5. Ride a water coaster (WAY more fun than a regular roller coaster) without even leaving the ship.

6. Laugh your SPF’d face off while listening to your kids scream in terrified joy as they plummet three stories and over the side of the ship on the AquaDunk.

7. Geek out over how the dining room changes colors throughout each course, then ends in a wonderful tribute to Disney animation. No need for travel tic-tac-toe notepads to entertain the kids during this meal!

8. Put everyone’s legit sneakiness to work by playing detective on a ship-wide quest to follow clues and solve a mystery with the Midship Detective Agency. (Don’t forget to bring a snazzy detective’s hat for getting into character!)

9. Chill on Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay, in the Bahamas, or take advantage of the slides, snorkeling, game pavilion, and other activities. DUDE. Private. Island. How cool is that?

So the next time your kid shouts, “Land ho!” from atop the neighborhood slide, how about you use that as a signal to pull out your phone and book her a real adventure around the world? It’s as easy as DCL.