12 Stylish Sweet 16 Ideas

There are some truly momentous birthdays in life, and 16 is one of them. So, even though my girls are still young (7 and 4, respectively), and I can’t imagine them hitting double digits, I can’t resist pinning stylish sweet 16 ideas when I see them. I love to throw parties!  And hey, thinking about this milestone birthday party is much more fun than imagining my older daughter’s teen years, which are already giving me nightmares. For the first time, I’ll have to entrust my girl to find and hold an after-school job, make safe money decisions with her earnings, and to drive. Heaven help us, she’ll be driving. That is terrifying. As I watch her cruise through our neighborhood on her go cart — don’t judge me, it was my husband’s bright idea — I can already picture her driving the streets of our town and beyond when she hits 16. That’s still several years away, but instead of getting anxious about all that independence she’ll have at her fingertips, I’ll immerse myself in stylish, fun sweet 16 ideas. 

More Birthday Party Ideas:




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