13 Obsessively Fun Dollar Tree Toys for Kids

What will save my sanity when my kids are stuck indoors this winter? Dollar Tree toys. Yes, really. Because here’s the thing: When winter begins, playing outdoors all day long ends. Keeping my kids entertained without being able to send them outside for long stretches of time is a full-time job. They’re constantly like, “What are we gonna do next? There’s nothing to do. I’m bored.” This year, I’m getting my Winter Fun game plan in order.

So, this is where cheap toys come in (yes, because it doesn’t take long for them to get sick of their Christmas toys). To the delight of my frugal heart, the Dollar Tree has a ton of cheap, creative toys to keep kids entertained and engaged all winter long —  stuff that’s actually $1 (a lot of similar stores have pricier finds). And, at such a super low price, it’s easy to rack up on several without breaking the bank. So, check out the cool toys, kits, and activities I’ve rounded up, and join me in creating a low-budget, high-fun winter.


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