Retro Board Games Your Kids Will Love As Much As You Do

I remember playing a looot of board games as a kid. (Retro board games now.) Especially when it was too cold or rainy to go out and play, or when I was stuck at home with my parents on Saturday night. In hindsight, it’s quite possible my parents let me win and that’s where all the fond memories trace back to, but I also remember completely loving these retro board games. I loved the spinning wheel and the cars full of blue and pink babies in The Game of Life. I loved SET and the frantic search to create sets of three different colors, shapes, and numbers (even though I totally had them running around my brain for hours afterwards). I even loved Monopoly, despite the fact that I usually lost to my older sister.

Now that I’m a parent, I decided it was time to dig up some of my old favorites. Turns out, there are a lot of retro board games that your kids will love to play with you, and you’ll love to play with them — at least if your fam is anything like mine. In a world filled with video games, it’s actually been kind of fun to go old school and introduce my kids to classic board games (even Sorry, which my daughter totally demolished me at the other day!). Check out this list of retro board games and see what might be the perfect fit for your fam.

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