How to make a perfect playdate on @ItsMomtastic by @letmestart | A sweet and funny easy recipe to ensure the best playdate for your kids AND you!

How to Make a Perfect Playdate

I have two kids, and I’ve discovered that it’s not that hard to make the perfect playdate. All you need are a few very special ingredients and a simple recipe to follow. Luckily for you, I have it all right here. Enjoy!


    • A Couple of Willing Kids
    • A Crateful of Excitement
    • A Spoonful of Rules
    • A Handful of Art Supplies
    • A Roll of Blank Paper
    • A Flick of Glitter
    • A Dollop of Glue
    • A Scoop of Shared Secrets
    • An Excess of Giggles
    • A Heap of Mom Patience
    • A Bowl of Snacks
    • A Drop of Good Manners
    • A Contingency Plan
    • An Offer of Adventure
    • A Breath of Fresh Air
    • A Smidgen of Freedom to Explore
    • A Watchful Eye


1. Prep your house by putting breakable valuables out of reach.

2. Time it right by choosing their least-cranky time of day.

3. Combine all ingredients and let sit…then stand…then run (maybe even hop?) until everyone is happy.

4. Remove extraneous kids from your house before any of them are overcooked.


Exactly the amount of kids you can handle being in charge of at one time.

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Graphic: Kim Bongiorno



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