7 Things I Swore I’d Never Wear (& Then I Had Kids)

One thing that’s true about parenting is that you’ll always do all the things you swore you’d never do before you become a parent.  So, while I vowed to never ever become one of those moms who left the house with dirty hair and dressed in yoga pants, I quickly became a mom whose fashion style could be described as, “Whatever I could find.”

Because here’s the thing: My love of fashion, shoes in particular, certainly hasn’t changed, but my time constraints have. I just don’t always have time to worry about how I look, which is not always a bad thing. In fact, it’s sort of liberating to not care about my appearance. Though when I left the house with a jelly hand print on my white jeans, it probably would have been better if I cared a little bit more.


But, whether it be the fact that sometimes there’s just no time to go back in the house after my kid smears jelly on my leg, or the fact that I can’t exactly wear a dress when I take my kid to the park without the possibility of flashing everyone on the play structure, there’s some real fashion constraints to being a mom. So be careful what you say you’ll never wear because chances are you’ll wear some of these things too. 

1. Flat Shoes

When my first son was born, I tried hanging on to my high heal habit only to realize that holding a baby and navigating heals were nearly impossible for me. I just didn’t feel safe holding myself up while I also held a baby in my arms. So I ditched the heals for cute ballet flats and save my heals for baby-free time at night. My legs don’t look as cute, but my kids think I’m gorgeous regardless! 

2. Yoga Pants Outside of Yoga

I swore I’d never get sucked into the yoga pants not for yoga habit, but sometimes when I have to race out of the house in the morning to get my kids to school on time, I surrender. I do, however, throw a long sweatshirt on as well. I may have succumbed to wearing yoga pants to my kid’s school, but that doesn’t mean I’ve also succumbed to feeling nearly naked there too.

3. Dirty Clothes

Prior to having kids, I’d scoff at my friends with kids when I’d notice they were sporting stained or rumpled clothing. Now I assume I’m leaving the house wearing something not totally clean. If I actually have time to get dressed in clean clothing in the morning, my kids get the bright idea to hug me with filthy hands. Oh well, at least I get the hugs!

4. The Clothing I Slept In

I can’t say I’m proud of this, but occasionally I’ve run out of house in the morning wearing a pair of sweats or a t-shirt I slept in the night before. Hopefully, it’s a cute shirt. 

5. No Make-Up

I’ve never worn a lot of make-up, but I do like to wear a bit of eye make up to avoid hearing that I look tired from random strangers. But most days, I just don’t get to it. I’m probably not as sparkly as I am with a little mascara, but I save all that time at night taking my make-up off as well.

6. My Kid’s Barrettes in My Hair

While this happens rarely, I have found myself at the gym with no pony tail holder. And since I can’t stand having hair in my face, I’ve found a random kid-barrette in my purse and put it on. Okay, Hello Kitty barrettes may not be as cute on grown woman as on a little girl but sometimes it’s the best I can do.

7. Chipped Nail Polish: I can usually squeeze in the time needed to get a manicure if I have an event or dinner to go to, but I often find myself going days longer than I should before I can take off the polish. It’s so embarrassing to walk around with chipped polish, but sometimes other things taking priority. Like sleeping!

And while I have surprised myself by some of the things I wear now that I’m a mom, I’m also surprised by how little I care!

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