11 Amazing Toys from the ’80s & ’90s That You Can Still Buy for Your Kids

The second I found out I was pregnant, my parents came down with a serious case of “Grandparents Nesting” and turned my old childhood room into a nursery. Quicker than you can say “Care Bear stare,” my favorite ’80s toys were brought down from the attic and set out for a second life. Of course, an infant doesn’t have much use for a Pound Puppy, but now that my daughter is almost 2, the retro toys are so much fun to play with. Reading a dogeared Golden Book, or tugging at an animated Mickey Mouse (in the style of Teddy Ruxpin, no less) totally tugs at my heartstrings.

With this somewhat sappy nostalgia in mind, I did some digging on other awesome new toys made in memory of their ’80s and ’90s originals.  I was surprised to see how many are mainstream! Take a peek.