8 Things I Do Really Well As a Mom

Personally, I try to spend a healthy amount of time thinking and assessing my job as mom. But while an office job usually involves a review that includes some positive feedback, the job of mom usually includes none. If it isn’t our kids complaining about what we’re not doing, it’s us being hard on ourselves for not being perfect parents who have every answer.

So since being a Mom is the most important job any of us will ever do, I’m going to give myself my own employment review. And this one is going to be all good.  Although I’m a terrible cook and can’t seem to keep up with all that laundry, there’s a ton of things I’m doing really, really well. So here are my own personal mom brags. 

1. Give my daughter “Elsa” braids

I had to watch a YouTube tutorial over a dozen times to figure out this Frozen-inspired ‘do, but I did it. Now we’re on to fishtails and French braids. 

2. Make homemade fish sticks

Cooking isn’t my thing and I’m fine with that, but I do feel a sense of accomplishment when my kids eat something daring or new. So when I decided to make my kids organic, homemade fish sticks — and they devoured them! — I gave myself a giant pat on the back.

3. Teach good manners

My children’s teachers report that my kids have excellent manners. I never want my kids to be rude or stingy with their pleases and thank yous, so it’s nice to hear that my kids are minding their manners even when I’m not around. Kudos to me and the hubs for instilling the value of good manners! 

4.  Get my son to school on time

Getting my 3- and 7-year-old where they need to go on time is largely my responsibility. So at my big one’s recent parent/teacher conference, I gave myself an A when I saw that he had zero tardies.

5. Use the Rainbow Loom

I lost a lot of sleep and a couple of really good manicures trying to master the rainbow loom, but somehow I figured it out. My kids never learned how to do it, but I did. Not easy. My fingers are bigger!

6. Find those lost shoes

My kids can’t remember where their shoes are even when their shoes are on their feet, but I can. I know I’m not alone. Every Mom should brag about her mental inventory of books, homework folders, shoes, glasses, lovies, water bottles, and blankies!

7. Keep my cool

I’m often sleep deprived, behind on work, or worried about one of the kids, but I usually manage to keep a good disposition and not lose my cool with the kids. And let me tell you, they don’t always make it easy. I’m proud of myself and I know my kids appreciate a well-tempered mama. 

8. Make my kids laugh

When my kids were really little, I would often panic when they’d freak out or meltdown. Now I just put on an unbelievably silly comedy show and distract them. Every time one of my kids is cranky, I can usually change the mood with a few pratfalls and funny voices.

So now that I’ve told you a few things I’m proud of, I want to hear yours. When it comes to being a mom, it’s always polite to brag. Do tell.

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