I Think Mom & Baby Parking Spots Are BS

My son, Jack, 7 and I stopped at the grocery store a few nights ago. It had been a really long day for both of us. I was working and had doctor’s appointments back-to-back and Jack had been in school for the whole day, since he also attended the aftercare program. I had nothing at home for dinner, but I also didn’t wanna cop out and order pizza. I decided to run to the store for a rotisserie chicken, salad, and some steam-in-the bag veggies. I’d make a little pasta with butter for Jack as a side, too.

But the parking lot was packed, likely with other moms rushing around to get dinner on the table. I noticed a spot and pulled right in. By the time my seatbelt was off, I realized the spot I pulled into was designated with a sign that said “Mother and Infant Parking.” Ack! 


“Let’s go, mommy!” my not-infant-son said, shutting the door. 

And ya know what? I didn’t move my car. I think the courtesy spot is BS. Moms with infants are not handicapped. They have a baby on board—so what? Put your baby in the stroller and go for it. What’s next? “Mothers With Crazy Toddlers,” “Teen Drivers With Their Permits,” and “Exhausted and Don’t Feel Like Walking? Park Here!” signs? 

If you don’t have a disability that prevents you from walking to and from the store, just get some exercise and park where there’s a free spot. And in my book, there was a free spot in the “Mother and Infant” designated parking area. I mean, it’s not illegal to park there. 

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