8 Life Lessons I’ve Learned From the Movie Frozen

My kids, too, are totally obsessed. They want to watch the movie at home and listen to the soundtrack in the car. At my son’s school, recess is now Frozen time. And I haven’t been to the park in months without seeing some group of kids get into a fight over who gets to be the Elsa, Anna, Christof, or Olaf. Clearly, Frozen is the movie that will define this generation of kids.

It’s also the movie that will drive their mothers insane. At first, it was cute that my kids always played Frozen-related games and asked for every toy, book, or costume I could find. I loved listening to the soundtrack in the car. But after the thousandth time of hearing “Let It Go,” quite frankly I’m ready to let that song go. And if my little girl asks me to call her Elsa instead of her real name, I just might have to throw the DVD out.

But since the kids love the movie, it’s clearly not going anywhere anytime soon. So I started to think about why everyone’s fixated on Frozen. Clearly, there are some awesome life lessons to be learned from the movie no one can get sick of.

Here are some of the life lessons I’ve learned from Frozen.

1. If you’re different, someone will tease you. Whether you have the ability to freeze entire towns or you’re just a quirky kid, someone’s going to tell you you’re weird or a monster. It’s best to ignore them. Chances are the quirky kid is going to grow up to be the Queen of Arrendale (or start Google) and the jerk teasing you will end up with a bad toupe.

2. Parents don’t always understand kids who are specialAm I the only one thought Elsa’s mom didn’t seem too pleased to find out her daughter had special powers? And why did her parents listen to a troll who said to lock their special daughter away? If your kid is different, special, or just plain old quirky, it’s probably best not to take the advice of an expert who suggests locking her away. Maybe they just need a different school, or gloves.

3. Quickie engagements never work outClearly Anna has never read People, but everybody knows that quickie engagements are never a good thing. Especially when there’s a kingdom at stake.

4. Everybody will be a fixer-upper in somebody’s eyes. It’s easy to go through life envying someone because they are better looking, thinner, wealthier or something more than you. But while you may envy that person, someone else doesn’t want to marry them. Everybody is a fixer-upper in someone’s eyes and everybody is just perfect in someone else’s eyes.

5Never underestimate the oddball. Sometimes the chubby guy or gal with the bubbly sense of humor (or the talking snowman with the carrot nose) turns out to be a real friend while the slick Prince is up to no good.

6. Even if you’re engaged to a prince, it’s hard to resist the hot ice salesman. Ladies love a man who is good with his hands or a hammer. So even if you’re the heir to the throne, someone’s going to dump you for the pool guy (or the guy selling ice in a snowstorm).

7. It’s hard to tell what true love will look like. Most of us go through life with a picture in our head of what our prince looks like. True love comes in all shapes and sizes and rarely looks like we think it will.

8. No matter how old you are, you’ll still want to build a snowman with your sister. Sisters have notoriously tempestuous relationships. It’s just the way it goes amongst siblings. But at heart, everybody just wants to hang with their sibling and have fun.

Photo: Disney


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