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Life Lessons My Kids Learned From Ted Lasso

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“Ted Lasso” isn’t just one big joy vitamin for the hearts of its viewers. It’s also a wonderful program full of invaluable life lessons for the kids who watch it. By “kids” I mean teenagers, because while at first glance it appears to be a light comedy about an American college football coach and the hijinks that ensue when he moves to England to coach professional football there (aka soccer), this really is a show about a bunch grown-ups going through, well, some stuff. And it’s fascinating.

Teens are on the cusp of adulthood, ready to be entertained without the speed bumps of PG rating-friendly editing, capable of grasping deeper concepts and nuanced emotional situations that shows like this offer. The way the offerings are woven through the physical comedy, dark humor and silly fun moments of “Ted Lasso” make it genuinely special, and exactly what we want our teenagers to watch (hopefully with us giggling by their side). Here is a sample of the kinds of life lessons my kids learned by binging this charming-as-heck show with me.


Life Lessons My Kids Learned From Ted Lasso

1. You don’t always have to know how to play the game to be successful at it.

2.  If someone picks a book for you: read it.

3. You’ll never regret perfecting a recipe.

4. Don’t let your attitude dull the shine of your ability.

5. Don’t try to dig up dirt on someone unless you’re willing to accept that you might find the only dirt around is what’s on your hands now.

6. Optimism doesn’t always equal ignorance.

7. When guests come over, make sure you have tea and coffee.

8. Don’t wait for whomever is in charge to stop the bad behavior around you. Speak up, stand up, do the thing you know is right.

9. Trust in each other is more powerful than any curse.

10. The best kind of friendships are the ones open to new members.

11. Don’t be the guy who happily humiliates his ex; a dart that’ll hit where it hurts most will find you.

12. The louder the growl, the cuddlier the bear.

13. Letting go isn’t the same as quitting.

14. A night of karaoke can change your life for the better.

15. Listen closely to the quiet ones.

16. When you find your people—even if it’s in an unexpected place, at an unexpected time, and some of them are unexpected individuals—welcome them with open arms and hold on tight.

17. Apologies, whether big or small, are vital to healthy relationships.

18. If you can’t beat ‘em? Confuse ‘em.

19. Mental health matters.

20. Be a goldfish.

You don’t have to take my word for it. “Ted Lasso” is streaming now on Apple TV+, so go catch up with the rest of us. Hurry, hurry!

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